With global terror on the rise it is only a matter of time before we in America again find ourselves under attack by free pokies. Homeland Security, the CIA and the FBI work hard 24 hours a day to try to make our country safe from the kinds of terror attacks that happened on 9-11-2001, but no one can stop every attempt made by terrorists to infiltrate this country. Find more info on australian online pokies .

We need to do what we can to help the authorities with this slots online. I am not saying you should get a gun and start looking for terrorists in your local mosque, I am only saying we need to keep our eyes open and put a little more thought into what we do.

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Israel is a country that has had to deal with suicide attacks on its shopping centers and public transportation for years. To combat this Israel searches everyone for weapons before they can enter any mall, bus or train station and even bars and restaurants, but the USA has not had to deal with these types of attacks so rather than putting guards on these types of public places now they are hoping that attacks of this nature will not take place and these security measures will not be necessary. The problem is that when they change their minds it is because you and your friends got killed by a suicide bomber while you were in the mall checking out the new video games.

There are some things you can do to make yourself safer and less likely to get killed in a terrorist attack.
Travel: use a little common sense when choosing your next vacation location. With just a few minutes of research you can find out what countries are safe for Americans to travel to and which ones should be avoided.
Gambling: I personally try to avoid casinos and only play in online casinos. I have found that many of the big name online casinos offer me the same games and odds as the land based casinos do and I don’t have to buy a plane ticket or fill my truck up to get there. There is also no chance of getting killed by a suicide bomber when playing in an online casino.
Restaurants: large chain restaurants will be more likely targets then a small restaurant would. Most chain restaurants are built on the exact same blueprint. This would allow a terrorist to do research on several different branches of the same place before making the attack on the actual target location.
Entertainment: everyone loves to go out. Some people love bars and others prefer clubs. Just remember that for a suicide bomber to get the most kills he wants to find a large group of people very close together and the tighter together they are the more effective the attack will be.

It is important for us to be aware of our surrounding at all times. Pay attention to others. If it is 85 and sunny and someone is wearing a winter coat there is a good chance they are trying to hide something. If you ever see something suspicious do not attempt to do anything other than notify the police as quickly and quietly as you can. If you start yelling for the police you will alert the suspects and they will get away, but you will also cause a panic in all the people in the area and many people could get hurt or killed all because you saw something suspicious. So please be careful.